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Sarah Kernion
Saturday's Story, Founder

You're raising exceptional children. That's why I'm here.

As a millennial mother raising two amazing kids with non-speaking autism, I have learned more than most about what it means to be human. 


I know the challenges you face. And I want to help you make it through this journey with your eyes wide open and your heart open wider.  

As the mother of an exceptional child,

Y O U have an opportunity to change the world.

As a speaker and advocate for autism, my mission aligns with yours: let's amplify our collective voice so we can empower, lead and guide any child to be the best version of themselves, creating a world where every milestone matters—no matter how small! Together we can inspire change and transform challenges into triumphs.

Join me on Instagram at @saturdaysstory, where our journey unfolds. Let's embark on this path together, celebrating the small victories that often go unnoticed, which I call #inchstones. By cherishing these tiny milestones, we unleash our potential and embrace our present selves most fully.

Sarah Kernion Speaker and Advocate, Founder of Saturday's Story
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Beth Lux,

Manager of Customer 

Success, LinkedIN

Sarah hosted a session around raising children with autism in partnership with our Families Employee Resource group and she was incredible!  Her vulnerability, optimism, energy and honesty in sharing her story helped our entire family’s community stop and celebrate the ‘inchstones’!  The audience was so engaged and shared messages of love, tears, and she helped to create an environment where others were comfortable in sharing their stories and building community.  Sarah’s mission to help others through sharing her experience truly resonated with our family’s community and are so grateful we had the opportunity to learn from her. 

Intensive Therapeutics, OT

West Caldwell, NJ

We as a team are always in awe of you and your children, and how beautifully and openly you share with the world your story. Your words are always so impactful and land with us every time. Thank you for being you! We are lucky to work for and with our Milly girl, and you!

Casey Kozachek, NJ


"Sarah is a soft place to land and encourages me to create a healthy and balanced life alongside autism which is so incredibly important."

Staci Aquasanta, NJ


"When my son was diagnosed with autism, I was lost, confused, sad.  Finding someone like Sarah who just understood every aspect of this autism diagnosis tremendously helped me navigate this new world."

Kathleen Kuempel

As a Special Education teacher who works with mostly non-speaking Autistic students who are AAC users, Sarah is my dream parent! The way that she utilizes AAC with Milly & Mack everywhere they go (and I mean everywhere-stores, parties, nail salons!) is a testament to her Core values and beliefs as a Special Needs Mama. She ensures that Milly & Mack’s voices are heard and respected. She is breaking down the barriers so that her kids can not only be included, but celebrated for their neurodiversity. Thank you Sarah for inspiring us! I can’t wait to watch Milly & Mack carve out their own destinies!

Jackie Lamaj, NY

Netflix Publicity Manager

"As a first time mom to a 4 month old, hearing the words “early intervention” is daunting and confusing. Sarah comforted me, and made sure I knew I wasn’t alone in this process. She took the time to truly listen and ease my concerns. I am so grateful that I had Sarah’s guidance during an already challenging time."
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